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Station Detail Report
The Station Detail Report provides detailed information on CIMIS stations including the region in which they are located, nearby city, installation dates, termination dates (if inactive), geographic locations (latitude and longitude), elevations above see level, zip codes, surface types (grass or alfalfa), station site descriptions, and photographs of the stations.
UC-Andrade #201
Imperial/Coachella Valley Region Imperial County Southern District Nearby city is Calexico
  • Activated On January 01, 2006
  • Station is Active
  • ETo Reported
  • Reference Surface is Grass
  • Datalogger is CR10x
Picture of Station 201(North)
Station 201
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Geographic Information
Elevation (ft): 120
Latitude: 32o29'34"N / 32.49
Longitude: 115o02'28"W / -115.04
Associated Zip Codes
92244, 92250, 92251, 92250
Station Siting Description
DATE: 06-24-2004

STATION #: 201
ZONE: 18

LOCAL CHARACTER: UC-Andrade is located in the great Imperial-Mexicali Valley. A desert type environment that is being irrigated to produce such crops as olives, grapes, a variety of truck crops, wheat, oats, corn, alfalfa and other field crops.

DESCRIPTION OF STATION SITE: Located on the center of a 200 ft X 200 ft field of alfalfa that is irrigated by buried drip tape and maintained by the local field workers. There are no obstructions to the sun or wind in any direction.

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