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California - The Golden State
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Grower in a corn field My CIMIS provides simple single-click reporting. You can customize your own profile including selecting report preferences, develop custom reports, and create station lists preferences. My CIMIS will keep track of this profile for your next visit.

If you have not yet created a user account, click on the Registration link below and create an account by completing a brief registration form. After creating a CIMIS user account, you are ready to enjoy the ease and convenience of My CIMIS. Registered CIMIS users can simply click on Logon and enter User Name and Password. Once logged in, users can mange their user account, including changing the password.
Account Management
Logon The Logon page allows you to access the CIMIS database by entering your user name and password. You will be disconnected from the CIMIS database if there is no activity for 10 consecutive minutes.
Registration Registration allows users to create their own user names and passwords. Personal information of members will not be compromised in any way and is used for statistical purposes only. You can edit your Registration and change your password in the My CIMIS Tab.
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