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What kinds of data are available from CIMIS?
Registered users can obtain hourly, daily, and monthly data for a variety of data types. Daily and monthly data include ETo, precipitation, solar radiation, air temperature, soil temperature, vapor pressure/relative humidity, dew point, and wind speed. Air temperature and relative humidity include minimum, maximum, and average values. Hourly values include all of those mentioned plus wind directions. Data is available for the complete history of each station. An ETo variance report is also available illustrating a comparison of ETo of the previous seven days for the current year, previous year, and an average year. Incidentally, daily data for the previous 7 days and monthly data for the previous 12 months can be obtained without registration.
What to do when a blank page appears while creating dynamic PDF reports using ADOBE ACROBAT 5 from a web browser.
WORK AROUND FOR BLANK PDF WHEN USING ADOBE ACROBAT 5 (5.0.1 Build 3/27/2001) 1)Select the windows START menu 2)Select ALL PROGRAMS 3)Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader program 4)When the window opens, select the Options menu, then the Preferences option. 5)Select the Options item from the list on the left side of the emerging window. 6)Uncheck the Display PDF in Browser option from the right side of the window. 7)Close all of the Adobe Acrobat windows 8)Go to www.cimis.water.ca.gov and execute your PDF report 9)The report will open in the Adobe Acrobat window (not your browser) 10)You may then print, save, or view the report.
How can I access CIMIS data?
You can access CIMIS data by visiting our web site at http://www.cimis.water.ca.gov. Without registration data access is limited to the past 7 days daily and 1-year monthly tabulated data files. To access all the archived data, click on "REGISTER". Fill out all the required information and create your own user id and password. You will immediately have unlimited access to CIMIS data and the service is free of charge. Data is also available from our FTP site.
How can I retrieve data from the CIMIS web site?
To retrieve data, click on "Data" Tab from the CIMIS web site. Select the type of data you are interested in. Enter your user name and password. Select the weather station or region, starting and ending dates, and the method in which you want to acquire the data. Click on "Create Report". It is as simple as that.
Can I download CIMIS data automatically?
Yes, data can be downloaded automatically from our ftp site (ftp://ftpcimis.water.ca.gov). The data is stored in "pub" directory under "hourly" and "daily" subdirectories for hourly and daily data, respectively. Also, available in the in the "pub" directory is a Readme.txt file that describes the formats for the ftp data. The data exists for the previous seven days at a time. Also updated daily is one years ETo from all active stations.
What are the differences between standard, by sensor, and non-report formats?
Both hourly and daily data reports are available in standard, by sensor, or non-report formats. Standard reports have pre-selected sensors and fixed formats that cannot be altered by the user. Report by sensor will allow you to select the sensors of your interest but the formatting will be similar to the standard report. Non-report format will allow you to select the sensors but have no headers that identify columns of data. However, explanations for the order of data columns are given at the bottom of the page. Non-report formats are good if you want to import data into spreadsheets or database applications. Monthly data is either in standard monthly report or monthly average ETo report formats. The standard monthly report, like the standard hourly and daily reports, have monthly total/average values of pre-selected sensors, whereas monthly average ETo report is a report of long-term average values (mostly over 10-years) of total monthly ETo.
Can I get real-time data from a CIMIS station?
For quality and security reasons, CIMIS currently does not allow users to have direct access to the data loggers on its weather stations. Currently, CIMIS data is only available up through midnight of the previous day. CIMIS hopes to possibly offer near real time data in the future. For further discussions please contact Kent Frame or contact CIMIS Staff on the "Welcome" page for details.
How much historical data can I retrieve from CIMIS?
The time frame over which the CIMIS data is available varies from station to station depending on installation and/or ending dates. You can get detailed information on the starting (and ending) dates for any station by clicking on "Weather Stations" from the CIMIS Home Page and then "Weather Station List". Click on the station that you are interested in to get detailed information about that station.
Why do I have problems downloading reports in PDF format?
Please check to see if you have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (version 5.0 or newer). Older versions of Acrobat Reader may not support some of the new features we take advantage of. You will find a link to Adobe Acrobat Reader in the data reports section. Also, be aware of a bug in Internet Explorer 5.5 that produces errors when rendering dynamic PDF documents.
What is "wind run"?
It is the total distance the wind has traveled past the weather station within a given time period.
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